02 Mei 2010

Talking About Health

I will be 23 years old this August. That means that the early adulthood years are just about to begin. Well, it probably has begun already, but since I am still studying, the feeling of being an adult by having total control of my life and earning money has not been felt yet. Hence, I still do regard myself as a teenager at its ending years.

But that is not the point of this entry. The point is that at this stage of my life, it is time to seriously think about my health. Now that I'm heading towards my middle 20’s, it is crucial to take care of what I eat and how much I exercise. Long gone the carefree days of being a teenager when I can eat exactly whatever I want - such as having fast foods every day and drinking fizzy drinks endlessly.

Most probably I’m just over-worried here, but hey, when people around me had given comments about how much I gained weight this couple of years, it made me think what has gone wrong?

Yeah, now you know where this is heading, right? The weight issue. I know in this case, I need to be more particular about my health – by leading a healthy lifestyle, and not merely on my weight. But still at 23, if I don’t start worrying about it now, I might probably one day line up at the audition of “The Biggest Loser” show. Who knows?

As for now, I’m quite surprised because when I calculated my Body Mass Index recently, it was 25.7 – which is 0.7 above the borderline of being overweight. It’s official, I have just become a member of the overweight club. It is an increase from 22.0 BMI last two years.

Taking that into consideration, I need to do something. Not only for the sake of my outlook, but ultimately for my health. It is time to lead a healthy lifestyle. Time to cut down the fats and gain more muscle. :)


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Liza berkata...

you make me feel so old, when i was 23, i am married, had a daughter and was carrying another baby. Healthy lifestyle is very important and it's good you realise this at a young age.

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