07 Mei 2010

New Blog Template

As most of you has probably noticed, I have already changed the layout of my beloved blog from the normal and boring blogger default design to a template that I found through I did browse trough almost all of the selections of template, and it was a pretty tough decision for me to choose a template that really suits my needs, personality, and content.

There was no actual reason for me in changing the layout. There were no any special occasions that I want to commemorate. It’s just a sudden urge when I was browsing through the internet that i need to give my blog a little facelift. The passion of blogging that is possessing me lately has motivated me to come up with a different blog design.

I wanted a design that is simple, sophisticated, yet modern. The previous layout was actually okay for me because the width of the entry box gives an optical illusion in showing that the entry written is longer that it actual is. However, in this new layout, I need to write a little bit longer as it is wider and it doesn’t look good if the entries are short.

Nevertheless, I chose this layout because it is suitable with me. It is in it’s trial stage and I am still trying to modify it a little bit here and there. Renovation is in progress. We’ll see how long this template will last. Hopefully it will be easy to the eyes for the visitors.

In the course of changing the layout, I lost all of the blogs whom I am following in the blog list below. Hence, it would take time for me to collect back all the blog’s add. It would be lovely if you can leave a message here stating your blog url for me to track back the adds.

Do drop comments about the new layout. :)


6 komentar:

Liza berkata...

i like the new layout, very neat!

Manager Tandas KLCC, Takamine Kiyomaro berkata...

like this

tapi navigation bar ko dah hilangkan?
tahu x nak wat?

i mean yg nak klik new post semua t?hehe kalau xtahu nak ajarkan hehe

Azree Ariffin berkata...

Kak Liza, thank you very much.

Wady, navigation bar yang mana satu eh? kurang pasti mana yang kau maksudkan..

ada berkata...

hey!! looks familiar!!! =)

Azree Ariffin berkata...

Ada, apa yang familiar? Saya atau template blog ini? heheh.

tg shaaban berkata...

wah, layout baru.
teruskan berblog.

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