21 Mei 2010

EAP : Mid Term Test


I have just sat for EAP mid-term test. It amounted to 20 marks from the total assessment marks. Wasn’t really that tough, but it made me realised that the last time I’ve sat for an English exam paper was four years back in MMU Melaka. The EPT and MUET exam that I took during my matriculation days did not count because i did not undertook any classes to prepare for it.

The test asked us to write an argumentative essay  aroung 450 words with the topic – the society should be more responsible towards the problem of pregnant teenagers. Points are given out in the paper, but we can use our own arguments also. So far, not bad. I managed to answer within the time frame. Let’s just hope for the best and focus on writing my term paper.

Just a short entry for today. Enjoy your weekend, folks!

1 komentar:

The Traveler berkata...

Wah..hebat mcm ne masa xm bleh wat masuk hp ..siap amik gambar lagi

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