05 Jun 2008

May It Please The Court (1)

Tumbuh kesidang di laman rumah,
Penghias taman tanah membusut;
Peguam bersidang di kamar mahkamah,
Mencari jalan menghurai yang kusut.


"May it please this honourable court. My name is Mohd Azree Mohd Ariffin appearing as the junior counsel on behalf of the Appellant in this present proceeding."

That was the words that I first uttered as a formal introduction for my Moots 1. After weeks of preparation of the Bundle of Authorities and the Full Written Submission, it is time for the mooting itself. This is actually my first time mooting in a proper court surrounding, whereby the venue is at the mini moot court room. However, I once also mooted, eventhough it is only in a class room for the subject of Basic Legal Methods, during my law foundation year. AZ01048

Being infront of a three bench judge is really a challenging task for me. Especially, when two of the judges are also my classmates alongside my instructor, Miss Aliza. The way of answering the judges questions are a must in getting good marks for the moot. For me, I thought that my answers needs to be more polished so that it will be more precise according to the questions given.AZ02004

Whatever it is, I did overall a well-done job and I would like to thank my co-counsel and also the rest of my group members for all the help and support. The task has not ended yet. There are another mooting round next week that has a total of 40% from the whole assessment. InsyaAllah, I am going to give out my best.



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