03 Mei 2010

English For Academic Purposes

Last week, I was complaining  about how restless I am not able to register any subject this semester due to the limited number of classes available.

You see, the short semester is not compulsory to students in IIUM. It is optional and can be taken for students who wants to lessen their burden in the long semester or wants finish their study early by taking some subjects early.

As far as the Law Faculty is concerned, it is a policy not to offer a core subject during the short semester. Therefore, the law students will usually take up short semester to finish up their other required courses such as Bahasa Melayu, Islamic required courses, and also do their Law Attachment Programme (LAP) as I already did last year.

This time around, I intended to take short semester to finish up the subject of “English for Academic Purpose” which is a very on-demand subject every short semester particularly because the classes are limited and usually law students will wait until the final semester to take this subject.

In my case, I really need to take this subject this short semester. If not, I will be extending in the next year’s short semester. This is because my 2 long semesters ahead of me is already full and packed with my core subjects and it is simply impossible to fit in EAP.

Fortunately for me, I am glad to announce that I finally got a place in an EAP class after going to the English Department last Friday and making a sad face to the receptionist to help me add the subject. However at first, she said that it was quite impossible for her to add me because there’s a lot more final semester students whom haven’t been given the place. At that time, the English Department is having a meeting to open up another subject.

She asked me to check again online at 5pm to see whether I was accepted or not. I was actually not really convinced that I will be given a chance. Hence, I went back home.

However, when I checked online at 5.45 – I was surprised that EAP has been added in my course list. What a relief! Now I won’t be left in the dark anymore questioning my doings in this short semester.

I will start my class today at 2pm-4pm. It will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is only a 6 hour per week subject. Hence, I’ll still have time off my hands. Going to aim to get no less than an A i this subject. Pray for me!


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