12 Mei 2010

Library Research Skills Briefing

12052010602Just now I had a library research skills briefing for EAP class. It is to guide us to do our research for our term paper more effectively through proper research by using the facilities available in the library. Most of the things tought in the class, I have already known before such as the searching techiques in using search engines through keywords. But there were also new things that I learned such as using Google Scholar, Ebrary, and a few other online databases that are readily available through the library website.

It wasn’t really a big problem for me because I have already been trained to conduct legal research during my 1st year in the Legal Method class. Online databases such as Lexis Nexis has really helped me when I took Compulsory Moots to search for relevent cases and journals.

However, I am quite surprised that some of my classmates haven’t even register at the library which makes them unable to access the internet from the library and loan books, although they are already in their fourth year. It is sad to know that the facilities provided is not used to the fullest.  Hope they will register as soon as possible so that their research can be done properly.

Speaking about my term paper, I have already finalized my topic, which has been approved by the lecturer. I can’t disclose the topic yet, but it has something to do with Intellectual Property Law and International Law. The oral presentation will be done next week. Please do pray for my success!


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