13 April 2010

The Typical Law Student


Since I’ve became a law student a few years ago, I noticed that there are certain characteristics that are distinct and unique to them. The opportunity to learn law is considered to be a very prestigious achievement because it is a professional course which promised a bright future in fields not only limited to the legal world.

Being a law graduate does not only open up the path to be a lawyer, judge, legal advisor, registrar and a court official. It also equips a person to be a successful businessmen, politician, and administrator.

With this in mind, people from outside the legal field always have this perception about law students and how stereotype they can be. Some of them might be true, while some are just a mere misunderstanding. Based on the feedback that I got from several of my friends and my own observation, here are some characteristics that a law student typically possess.

1. Loves to argue

A law student loves to argue. This is why most of them are in the debate team of their respective universities or colleges. The ability to argue or debate is essential for every law student because this is the skill that they will apply when they are in court. Not only that, there is no right or wrong answer in law. Everything depends on the ability to argue and convincing the other party to accept our points based on the authorities given.

2. They are arrogant

You might beg to differ on this point. But this is what people from other fields sometimes feel about law students. When they love to argue, there is a sudden urge or feeling to be better that everyone else. As the saying goes – no one is above the law. Law student have this feeling that they are more smarter or prestigious compared to others. Please take note that this does not apply to all law students. Only a few of them.

3. Bookworm

Books are a law student’s best friend. I mean, it should be! The passion for reading should be instilled in every law student because they are dealing with facts and authorizes that they can only know by reading a lot of books. Not to mention that most of the law students that I know, usually cite this reason for choosing law as a career : I love words more than numbers.

4. Socialized people

Every law student need to have a good communication skill. This is why most of them are good in socializing with other people. Again, not all of them. But although they are good in socializing, law students sometimes can have very little friend because they isolate themselves in the library almost every evening.

5. Outspoken

A law student needs to speak up. If they don’t speak-up, there is a big possibility that they are entering the wrong choice. They cannot be shy in addressing what they feel to be wrong and inappropriate. After all, as future lawyers, they will be the spokesperson for their client in the court of law. Hence, law students are known to be outspoken and talkative.

Please do take note, that the characteristics above are just a mere stereotype about what others usually thing about law students. It does not necessarily apply to all. Do you have any more characteristics that you want to add from you point of view? Or perhaps wants to differ form the above list? Feel free to jot down in the comment page. :)

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