18 Jun 2010

Handling Difficult People

I’ve had some encounters this week with some totally ignorant people that does not really care about what they say may hurt others. This kind of people really makes my day tense because of the unneccessary emotional energy that I wasted thinking about them.

Sometimes, there are instances that we will meet this kind of people. People whom are rude and having  serious problem with their attitude – but we can’t throw them out from our lives because we simply need to deal with them on professional matters.

It  hurts when we are trying really hard to be professional in the relationship, but it is distrupted by the unmatured actions or saying by them. It can also be in the form of ommitions whereby silent treatment or isolation is done in disguise.

Everytime I encounter these “difficult peoples”, I will always remind myself that it is their shame, not mine – for owning such a terrible attitude. Yeah, for me it is their weakness and it is my task to overcome their fake “ego”. As time goes by, hopefully they will eventually realise that their actions will sooner or latter be a liability for them – whether in their personal or professional lives.

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