26 Ogos 2010

An Explaination of a Confusion

Presented below is a strip of a Facebook post by a non-Muslim friend of mine that shows he is commenting on the issue of religious ban of the MU jerseys in a malicious way. Do take note that this occured several months ago during the World Cup season was on its peak.

I have no intention whatsoever to humiliate or provoke anyone, but i just would like to stress on the decrease and lack of respect  among some people on the religious laws or principles being discussed. I noticed that some people can simply make sensitive remarks without thinking the feelings or reactions of others.

Making it worst, the statements made are wholly incorrect to begin with. To some extend, it shows the “uncleverness” of the maker of the statement, as it is made out of perception and pure misconception.

At the instance of reading the post, my mind was straight away considering on lodging a police report, but then I didn’t proceed with it because i truly believe that this was an honest mistake without any criminal intention.

I truly hope, we do not repeat this kind of mistake that can threaten the peace and harmony of our country. Be it Muslims or Non-Muslims, all of us must learn to respect each others’ rights.

Enclosed herewith is my personal reply to the maker of the statement on explaining tha clear misconceptions he had. And I’m glad he accepted it with an open heart. :)


Thank you for your respond.

To explain about this, we need to understand that the issue was raised from an Islamic point of view, for Muslims.

Now, I am not in a position of authority to explain about the issue from an in-deph analysis. But, what I could say is that this issue has been brought up by some Islamic scholars and was clearly replied by the Perak Mufti as follows:

"A fatwa on the matter is not necessary as it is clearly wrong for Muslims to wear shirts with devils and other unIslamic symbols because it is against the teachings of Islam."

You see, from my own humble opinion, being a Muslim does not only mean that we need to perform rituals or worships in a Mosque. It is an overall thing that relates to every single aspects of our life. From the time we were born, to our death, and beyond.

Hence, when we have a faith in a religion, it is only logical for us to act in a manner that reflect our faith and believe, including small things such as some icons on a shirt.

It has been mentioned in the Al-Quran, that we will be judged even on the smallest things in life. Here, it is important to understand that life has a purpose and we believe that god won't put any of it to waste.

Here's a simple analogy.

When you have a wife, do you love your wife? Off course, you do. Hence, you will make sure everything you do will not upset your wife's feeling. This includes wearing clothes given by another women.

Well, this maybe not a good analogy, but you get the picture, right?

Same goes to Muslims. If we do believe and have faith in God, we will make sure everything we do will not conflict with our love to God, even the most tiniest of things, such as a devil icon on a jersey.

We always think from the view of a human being. Sometimes, we need to also consider how does God view us from above. When dealing with religious matters, we must always consider the most important factor -God. And thats is the most basic foundation in any religion, for that matter.

In this juncture, I truly hope that we will respect not only other religions, but also the people holding authority in that religion (in this case, the Mufti). When giving negative comments about other religion's law, we are simultaneously questioning the foundation of truth of that religion - which is a very dangerous thing to do.

There are a lot of people out there whom are irrational when it comes to this sensitive issues - sometimes contradicting the teaching of their own religion themselves (these are the ones that we call the extremists).

However, healthy discussions are always welcomed. It is important that we maintain a good understanding of each other's believes. I hope my explaination have shed some light on your concerns.


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Liza berkata...

what bothers me the most they are many people who are not really qualified however have the guts to make public statement about hukum Islam

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