05 Disember 2009

Reminder for the New Semester

The vacation period is coming towards the end. This two weeks has been filled with many activities - particularly my team's preparation for the FESTKUM inter-varsity pantun competition. My schedule has been packed with a lot of activities from the morning, towards the afternoon, until the night time.

My mom sometimes reminded me that I need to slow down on my side activities and focus on the main purpose of my journey in the university - to obtain a law degree. Undeniably, I also realize that my activeness sometimes has put a toll on my studies. To tell the truth, I am having this problem to focus on two different things is one time.

I have this problem since my high school days. Being active in co-curricular activities is good, because it teaches me on the principles of time management. However, now that I've become a law student, time management is very crucial. Not only that, focus is also a determining factor to ensure our success in the legal study.

This coming Monday marks the beginning of another new semester. After 3 years being a law student, surely there are lists of do's and don'ts which I have gained throughout my experiences. The question is - will there be an improvement in this coming semester? I hope so.

These are a few tips (or probably a reminder) for the next semester.

  • Do not miss classes. Attending classes are important to ensure that you will always be up to date with your studies and this gives a good impression to your lecturer.
  • Study early. As a law student, you could not afford to flip through the pages of that thick books at the last minute. It will make you go nuts seeing the amount of words that need to be revised.
  • Make sure the lecturer knows you. Some people said that, when our lecturer knows our name, and recognizes us, plus having a good impression towards us, that mean we will get at least a B in the subject. InsyaAllah.
  • Excel in coursework. Excelling in the coursework will be the safest way to ensure that we will do well in the subject. There is no guarantee that we can strive in the finals. Anything can happen.
  • Make short notes. As I said earlier, there is no way we can flip that thick book at the end of the semester. Short notes make it easier for us to compress the information that we need in a systematic and simple way. Put everything that we need in one place, so that it is easier to retrive the information later.

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