17 Februari 2010

PIL 2 Presentation

I've just completed my Public International Law 2 presentation just now. The topic is regarding the international law of the sea. I was paired with Khair to present the legal issues in a problematic question given. Alhamdullillah, it went well. Although there are some questions posed by my fellow classmates which are pretty tough, I think I managed to answer it well.

The question revolves around the dispute between Malaysia and State A regarding the issue of the right of hot pursuit. It means that when a private vessel violates the laws of a particular state at it's territorial sea, the warships of the state which has authority from the government have the right to chase them and arrest them even though they have already passed across the border to the high seas. Quite an interesting topic indeed.

I represented State A while Khair represented Malaysia in the arguments.

I heard that the area of shipping law is on big demand right now. Since Malaysia is a maritime state - surrounded by the seas, it is one of the reason why law students should consider this field as one of their options. Click here to read about my PIL 1 presentation.

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