18 April 2011

A Long Holiday Ahead

I’m finished with the exams.

Phew, glad that has gone passed behind me. Now, I can spend my time doing other things, settling everything that I always wanted to do before, but never had the time or opportunity to finish it. With the guilt going on, it was like study, study, study (as if I really did a lot of it) and if I were doing anything else, it was like guilty all the way.

But now that I’ve already stepped onto the holiday period zone, it started to really bug me that this isn’t really another normal summer holiday. It is a super-duper long holiday that most people have only dreamt of having.

Yeah – infront of me, I have a massive 5-long-months of carefree vacation period. This is particularly so, because for some reason or another, The Higher Education Ministry decided to shift the next semester’s intake from July to September, which made the long holiday – being longer.

The last time I has such a really long holiday was during my post-SPM days, while waiting my turn to enter the university. But trust me, it was a dreadful wait. But more on that later. This time around, the holidays is almost up to half the year!

What to do? Where to go? Honestly I do not have a concrete answer for that. Although I do have some rough plans, I didn’t really think seriously about it up until now. So far, I am just settling down, packing up my stuff from the Mahallah, the whole stock or piles of things that I am taking forever to bring back home.

I guess I will just take a break this first few weeks, settling down, go for a holiday, and then start with the serious business that is – find a job! My mom has been nagging all the while – cari kerja, cari kerja! Haha, of course I will. Just that want to settle what ever need to be settled first.

Any ideas for me to spend this holiday season, effectively?

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