23 Oktober 2010

Anticipating The Future

It’s been a while since the last time I updated this blog. In between both, there were a lot of things that happened in my life, although not really major, but is worthwhile to be blogged about. It’s not because I haven’t got the time, in fact, I have plenty of it.

It’s just that since the wireless internet connection in my hostel room got broken because of some problems, my access to the internet is not at ease anymore. Adding up, I’ve messed up with my internet setting that makes me unable to use the wireless service at other parts of the university.

Oh well, I guess that helps me to focus more on to my studies. NOT! Haha. Although the final examinations are just around the corner, I’m still searching for the right gear to start up my engine towards the examination mood.

It seems that in this final year of my studies, the emotion has been all mixed up. I’ve been thinking about the working life, and that makes me feel more and more eager to finish up my studies. Seriously, after 4 years of degree, plus the matriculation days and school, i’ve spent my whole entire life up to this date on formal education.

Yup, I know that life is an ongoing process of learning. But, at some point I would love to try something new. I want to use my knowledge to good use, in a practical way. By doing so, I’m eager to anticipate what the future got in store for me.

Better get this examination thing finished once and for all.

In the mean time, I don’t plan on updating this blog up until I finished the exams on the 12th of November. If I do, thats a bonus. Do expect some backdated entries after that, since there were few events that I would like to document and share with all of you.

Plus, a new look for the blog. I heard some people said that this blog uploads pretty slow. Hence, I’ll try to find a simple template design in order to maximize the uploading time. Watch out for it!

Till then, pray for my success!

1 komentar:

Liza berkata...

good luck for your exam, Insyallah, you'll aced it!

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