08 Mac 2009

Not A Language Freak

I am writing this entry in English to prove a point. Although I am being thought in the previous system of Science & Mathematics in Malay, that does not deter me from being able to speak and write in English. Yes, I can’t deny that my background gives me an added advantage in mastering English, as I am brought up in the suburbs, whereby English is widely spoken.

But then again, one’s proficiency in English or any other languages for that matter won’t be increased by changing the medium language of a subject, or in particular science & mathematics. They might be able to grasp the technical terms and so on, but that won’t be translated in real life as we don’t speak technical terms in real life. What is the use of changing the medium language of a subject, if the implementation is only 30%?

Come on, this “Teaching Science & Mathematics in English” (PPSMI) policy can’t be fully implemented in Malaysia, especially to schoolchildren who are not strong enough in English – which we must agree is not our first language. English is our second language, and forever it will be. The teaching of any subject in any second language won’t be as effective compared to teaching it in our first language. This is common sense.

What I can see here is that, we have this mentality that a person’s intellectual capacity is based on his proficiency in English. This is totally wrong! Why are we being so inferior of our own language, until the point that we are denying that our language is capable of making our people understand a subject clearer compared to other language.

If I were to discuss this, there are a lot of points that can be raised up here. It will take months just to debate this controversial issue. I am not a language freak. However, I am of the opinion that the PPSMI policy is not justified.

Hence, my statement – I am against the policy of teaching Science & Mathematics subjects in Malaysian secondary & primary schools in English.

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