26 November 2008

The Next Phase In My Life


There is a point in life when suddenly we realise that the world seems to be wider and bigger than before. Our eyes start to see things in a new perspective, in a different view . Our thoughts and feelings tend to be more matured and it is getting harder for others to hurt it. That is the point when we have arrived to the next phase in our life.

This blog marked the transition in my life. I have been blogging previously here since my high school years. It is hard for me to leave that blog, but I think to begin the next phase of my life, which I presume to be the stage of adulthood, I need a new space to to begin with. Hence, this blog is established. A new place, a new space.

Let us begin our journey to the next level in life.

3 komentar:

Aman Wan berkata...

betul2..mari mulakan hidup baru!


Azree Ariffin berkata...

yeah jom! kita semua perlu melalui perubahan dalam hidup.

Aidil Khalid berkata...

Selamat berpindah ke fasa baharu. hehe.

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