29 November 2008


Last week I was away to Johor for a 1 night stay, particularly in Desaru. I went there with my parents and 2 younger siblings because my dad has a function to attend. So, we decided to make a short trip for a family holiday. On the night at Desaru, we went around the town of Bandar Penawar in Pengerang. The town is quite small and what I noticed is that the nightlife there is really quiet and dark. We couldn't find a nice little place to have dinner and instead decided to go back to the hotel to have our dinner there.

The next day, on the way back home after checking out from the hotel, we bumped into a signboard that shows the direction to Kota Johor Lama, or the Old Johor Fort. I was curious about the place and suggested we go for there for a visit. We weren't in a rush, so there is time for some sight-seeing. The road going there was quite isolated and narrow.

The Johor Lama Fort was the original centre of the state of Johor which was believed to be build during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah II. As you can read above, this is a very historical fort being used against the imperialists. The fort sits nicely beside the Johor River which we can see clearly from the fort.

The above picture is the remains of the fort. The fort has been dug previously, but was undugged back because of some reason.

The pakguard and mak guard at the information centre was really friendly and welcomed us with their warm hospitality.

A memory infront of the malay-styled information centre.

Next stop on the way, was the Fishermen's Museum in Tanjung Balau, near to a real life fishermen's settlement sitted facing the South China Sea. I wanted to enter the museum but when we arrived, it was during the lunch hour and the museum was closed. Well, taking pictures will do.


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