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28 November 2008


Today I got a wonderful addition to my family of cats. Oshin has just given birth to 3 cute little kittens. They were born at 10am this morning. Alhamdullillah. This is the second batch of kittens given birth by Oshin. I am blogging about this because I want to record the growth of the kittens. It has been a while since this house has welcome any new born cats. I have never recorded any of my other senior cats - not even their birthday. So, for this newly batch of cats, lets see them grow!


3 komentar:

Aman Wan berkata...

ahli keluarga azree semakin besar la ni..
hahaha... abis la, kucin2 nakal itu akan mengganggu tidor mu dgn "meow..meow..".. =p

Azree Ariffin berkata...

heeh. kalu kucing2 tuh nakal sangat, saya kurung jerk dalam kandang... aman sket tidoq. hehe

Ahada Aihara berkata...

azree cute la ur cats...
semua dah ada nama tak?

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