12 November 2013

Of Family & Friends

When I was a little boy, our family was staying with Tok Yan in an elite neighbourhood area at Bukit Damansara. The surrounding houses were huge and it was divided by a massive wall in between. It was an ageing neighbourhood, whereby most of my nearest neighbours are adults and me and my siblings don’t really have a childhood friend cum neighbour to always play with at our disposal.

Growing up in that kind of environment also meant that it is quite unsafe for me to wander around to other places by myself because of the location of my house which was just beside the junction of the main road. Therefore, I spent most of my days indoors – being isolated from the outside world with my family, which was among the reason why I became quite attached to Tok Yan.

I had really few friends back then in kindergarten. In fact, none at all. I was a very very shy boy and a silent one, too. I love to observe the people around me, but was not sure how to socialize with other kids my age. Perhaps, those kids were a little hyper active and that intimidated the little me at that time. But that was my story, my childhood story.

Those are the times when I always have my family beside me all the time.

As time flies, each of us grow older. From an innocent child, to a naughty teenager, and perhaps evolve into a matured young adult. In that process of growing up, we meet new people. People whom are outside from our family cycle. The people that we call friends.

Slowly, our collection of friends starts to get bigger and bigger and along the way, perhaps we might stumble into a few that we can call as good friends. The people that understand what we feel and experience. And before we knew it, our friends become the person that we trust the most, sometimes more than our family. They know us better because we allow them to have a heart to heart conversation with us.

Does that automatically makes us taking our family for granted? Definitely not. Everybody needs friends. Isn’t human beings are social creatures by nature?

…but having said that – do we really care for our family and does not prioritize our friends over them? Perhaps that is something for us to ponder upon this few days. After all, our family are the ones that will always be there for us no matter what happens. Friends can come and go. But family relationship – it stays forever!

Roger and out!

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Al-Manar berkata...

If we feel that we can trust friends more than family, we have to find an answer to that situation. What have the closest in the family not done to us trusting them ? It is time we treat our own children and relative unlike the way were being treated.

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