15 November 2012

Chambering : The Next Chapter In My Life


Now that I have officially obtained my law degree, what’s next in line?

Chambering, that is! Law graduates are not automatically admitted to become a lawyer once they finished their studies. We must first undergo chambering or pupilage, which is a 9 months training stint under the supervision of a senior practicing lawyer.

I am very lucky indeed to have started my chambering period immediately after the endorsement of my degree, although that meant that I didn’t get any rest period in between my studies and my newly launched legal career. But that doesn’t really matter, because as other fresh graduates out there, I am excited to begin the next phase of my life – the working life!

Although chambering is not exactly to be considered wholly as ‘working’, since I am still in the state of learning and studying, but the change of environment is definitely a breath of fresh air for me. After years and years of classes, assignments, and exams, finally I got to try out all of the knowledge that I have learned into practice.

When I first scouted out for a place to do my chambering, the number one factor that I considered is the opportunity for me to explore the legal practicing world and learn as much as possible in a conducive environment. Not to mention, location is also one of the key factors because the further the workplace is, the more time will be wasted on travelling.

Alhamdulillah, to my delight, my firm is exactly that, a place where I can learn and apply my legal skills. It is located somewhere in Damansara, and the location is quite near, approximately 15 minutes from my home, (although I do have to admit the traffic jam during the peak hours is terrible!). The staffs there are also very friendly and willing to teach a newbie like me!

So far, I am enjoying this new chapter of  my life. If there are any challenges and tribulations, that would be a normal thing. After all, to become a good lawyer, I must be brave to overcome any challenges – because that is exactly the nature of our profession – settling problems! (Hey, this might be a good topic for my next blog entry!)

I won’t  go deep into what I do during my chambering, but along the way, I will share some of the life lessons that I’ve learned from my stint here, that can be related to other people as well, in general.

With that, I would like to wish everyone a blessed Awal Muharam. May the coming of this new year will be a beginning for a very successful future for you and me.


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