17 Julai 2009

The First Week of Semester 1 2009/2010

There are a lot of things actually that I want to blog about. But due to the never ending activities that I'm involved in, not to mention my procrastination, I haven't got the time to really sit down and focus on writing. After my Law Attachment Programme ended on 26th of June, I straight away went to pack my things to go back to campus to prepare for Cultural Village 2009 organized by IIUM Cultural Unit.
And now, the new semester session has already begun, and the first week has been a hectic one. Packing and repacking to my new room, which is still located at Mahallah Ali is a process that I really dislike, because Im doing it over and over again every semester. However, Alhamdullillah, after the renovation process that has been undergone by Mahallah Ali, I got a room refurnished with new table, locker, rack, and bed.
The coming year ahead will be a tough one. There will be 6 core subjects and co-curiculum subject for me to handle as follows :
1. Land Law 1
2. Company Law 1
3. Equity & Trusts 1
4. Public International Law 1
5. Usul Al-Fiqh 2
6. Industrial Relations Law
7. Gamelan Course 2
So far, I haven't really settled down yet. My stuffs haven't been unpacked yet, although my schedule has already been confirmed. It has been a very busy week. InsyaAllah, I'll blog about the Cultural Village in the next post.

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