14 Disember 2008


A reunion is usually held after years of not seeing each other, when everyone looks different and sounded different. However, my form 5's reunion is hold every year - and twice this year. I suppose the word gathering is a more suitable word to use.

We hold gatherings every year since we graduated from high school in 2004 and most of the time the same bunch of people will come. Our gathering this time around is held at The Teh Tarik Place in The Curve Damansara at 9pm on the 13th of December 2008. From what I observed, nothing much has changed actually since the last gathering in mid-year. But, surely it was a pleasent meeting.

To Yazid, Leng Zhong, Nefin, Shahreez, Chee Meng, Wei Xiang, Murali, Weng Fei, Dicmun, Yue Weng, and Win Li; thanks for coming and hope we'll meet each other again during our next gathering next year!

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